Individual Bookmarks

You can view the favorites listed below by Left Clicking on the individual bookmark.htm file.
The favorites will come up in their own Internet Explorer window.

You can also load only the FHL Favorites that you need by Right Click on the bookmark.htm file that you like
and saving it to a folder on your computer. Then you can go to Internet Explorer and  import those favorites
that you want by going to the File menu in Internet Explorer and clicking on Import/Export and use the
Import/Export Wizard to import the bookmarks. You should also go to the Favorites menu in Internet Explorer
and then go to Organize Favorites to create a folder to import your FHL Favorites to.

  1. British Bookmarks.htm   -   Link to Individual "British" Bookmarks

  2. Canada & USA Bookmarks.htm

  3. International Bookmarks.htm  -   Link to Individual Country in "Internationl" Bookmarks

  4. News Bookmarks.htm

  5. Search Engines Bookmarks.htm  -  Link to Individual "Search Engines" Bookmarks
  6. World Bookmarks.htm