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(Updated Jan. 12, 2009)

Link to Individual Bookmarks files

Link to instructions explain how to install and using FHL Favorites at FamilySearch Wiki

The files Bookmark.htm can be downloaded and imported into Internet Explorer to add the FHL Favorites Links to your PC Favorites.

You can also download by right clicking on it an saving it. This file will have to be unzipped to
create Bookmark.htm before it can be added to your PC Favorites.

If you left click on the file Bookmark.htm it will open up the favorites in a new Internet Explorer window.
You can click on "Edit" menu and then click on "Find on this Page". A window called "Find" will open up
and you can enter a State or Country in it to find the links in the favorites.

If you right click on Bookmark.htm  a window will open up with the option to "Save Target As..."
Clicking on "Save Target As..." will open up a Window called "Save As".
You can save Bookmark.htm in the folder of your choice on your hard drive.

Importing the Bookmark.htm file into Internet Explorer.

            1.Click on the "File" menu in Internet Explorer and click on  the "Import and Export" menu.
               This will open up Import/Export Wizard and click "Next" to continue.
            2. Highlight "Import Favorites" and click "Next".
            3. Browse... to the location where Bookmark.htm is located on your hard drive and highlight it and click "Open".
            4. Click "Next"
            5. The Import Favorites Destination Folder window will open. Highlight the folder in Internet Explorer
                where the imported favorites will be placed and click "Next".
                    To Create a folder in Internet Explorer Favorites go to the Favorites menu and open it.
                    Then click on "Organize Favorites..."
                    In the Organize Favorites window Click on the "Create Folder" and a new folder will be
                    created. You can then name the folder.

           6. In the next window click "Finish" and the files will be imported.
           7. After a few minutes pause a "Successfully imported favorites" message will appear, and you can close
               any open windows.
           8. You will have six folders in the folder you imported the favorites to.
               The folders are: British, Canada & USA, International, News, Search Engines and World.

You can go to this Website to
( Make Your Own Bookmark Page)

    "If you've been collecting genealogical bookmarks for some time now, you may be having difficulty keeping them
    organized in your browser's bookmark facility. An easy way to fix this would be to create your own bookmark
    page, or even a small set of interlinked bookmark pages, saved on your own hard drive."

    "You can do this using your word processor program or a text editor such as WordPad or NotePad so long as you save
    the file as a text file instead of a formatted document file."

                                                                                                        The Genealogist's Internet Primer, by Sharon L. Brevoort

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